3rd & 4th Image Ideas

Third Image:

Having previously looked in to Stefan Sagmeister and his AIGA Detroit poster, this had given me an idea for one of our images. I was thinking of using a part of the body to communicate a message ‘affected communication’, so the mouth as the signifier. I was considering a prop to cover the mouth, which would appear to be stopping the mouth from communicating, possibly skin closures? (signified) I don’t think we could go to the extremes of Sagmeister and actually sew the mouth shut!

This was an idea I had stumbled across below.A toned down version of this is the idea for the third image.



Fourth Image idea:

After looking in to how a technology addiction can hinder you academically, our initial though was to associate it with the reading/writing aspect of this.

First thing that sprang to mind was someone who was unable to print their own name.

Good starting point, we have a visual – hands, pen, paper/book, desk.

We got various members, not just from our group but others, to write ‘I can not spell my name’ with the opposite hand that they usually write with. Interesting results came from this!

This is an Image I had previously created, which also gave me the idea.pen-hand.jpg