Change Of State

Brief Details

Produce a set of images for on-line posters that encourage/persuade and audience.

As a group, make a democratic decision on which topic you want to explore for this brief.


Choose between:

  1. A ‘Stop Smoking’ campaign
  2. Tackle the issue of ‘Technology Addiction’ bringing to attention the negative sides of social media.
  3. Persuade people to eat a healthy diet
  4. Persuade people to combat ‘Prejudice’


Issues to consider

  • Histories
  • Semiotics and colour theory (making meaning)
  • Reading images
  • Social conscience
  • Identity and representation
  • Visual literacy now


So as a group we threw some ideas around and drew up some mind maps to reinforce and help visualise them.

Mind Map 1


For the first mind map we covered all four of the options we had available to us, to try and see which we could generate more ideas for. As you can see above ‘Technology addiction’ was a clear winner, we were all in agreement that this area we could all relate to and had more room for further scope.

Mind Map 212755123_10153373809635592_1872791696_o

With the second one we tried to narrow our ideas down to four different aspects of ‘Technology addiction’. We all choose an area we wanted to research further in to, all members of the group were relatively happy with the initial concept.