Lecture 4: Perspectives



The art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface.

Giving the right impression of height, width, depth & relation to each other.

Geometry – the relation of two figures on the same plane.

Four examples of perspective:

  • aerial
  • scale
  • linear
  • reading planes

We only find the world we are looking for.

Recognition – our knowledge plays a big part again in reading a visual.

Indexicality  – interpretation, smoke (an index of fire).

‘We would not understand an image of a horse, unless we know what a horse is’.

From the Renaissance onwards, visual composition became dominated by the system of perspective.

Images became more dependant on the viewer for their completion.

Is perspective a discovery, or an invention of the renaissance artists?

Creating illusion from perspective – one ideal viewing position.

Light travels in straight lines, we can not see round corners.

Monocular vision – one definitive vantage point.

Non-Westernised peoples frequently don not ‘read’ perspectival images.