Refined change of Plan

After a day of toying with various ideas with regards to using a mobile phone as the key source to getting a clear message across, via a txt format message. I decided to re-evaluate this decision and look back through the images we already had from the initial shoot.

The Answer Was Staring Us in The Face  All The Time!

‘The effects of Technology Addiction’

For example:

Physical – Movement, Sensory, Sleep…

Mental – Human Detachment, Mental illness…

Social – Communication, Aggression….

Academic – Attention, illiterate….

All the above information came from when I was researching in to ‘social detachment’ and had stumbled across an interesting source, a pdf with various good information.

This PDF


After going through all the images, I narrowed it down to two which fit into the above areas.

we had:

1 – ‘sensory’  damage to the eye sight.

RAW FILEEYES raw.jpgf/16, 0.5 sec, ISO 100



2 – ‘physical’  medical conditions related to over using computers, specifically ‘typing’

RAW FILEtyping raw.jpgF/16, 1/4 sec, ISO 100


This would leave us two ideas to come up with for our last shoot.