New Idea Mk 2

Since the images we had produced over the first two shoots did not have a clear concept, as a group we decided to change the idea again….

From doing the last shoot it gave me an idea, The images of holding a phone in hand.

Rough idea of our new concept:SOCIAL IDEAIgnore the barbaric Photoshop skills, it was just a quick edit of one of the images we had from the last shoot. I wanted to get a visualisation of how it could look before we went ahead shooting. This idea was suggested in our group critique, we all agreed it was a great simple idea of how we could get a clear message across.

Research carried out:

As a group we tried to come up with a message that could be displayed on the phone.

This proved harder than we anticipated, Idea generation below.

A list of words:words on a page222.jpg

Some Statistics a member of the group found:slide_234037_1123114_freesocial_media_addiction_statistics_infographic_social_media_today_-_2015-07-07_10-38-07teen-social-control