Final Outcome

These are the final outcomes we decided on, after much experimentation and evolving our idea. I think on the whole they are fairly strong as a set and show a clear message.

First Image – ‘Sensory’ Damage to the eye sightblnd_done_mk2.jpg

Second Image – ‘Movement’ Repetitive strain  typing_done.jpg

Third Image – ‘Social’ Impacts on basic communication mouth_done.jpg

Fourth Image – ‘Academic’ Illiteracy illit_done.jpg


The images as a series/campaign do work in my opinion but could have been stronger with more time. If we had decided on this idea straight from the get go then we would have had more time to come up with stronger images and more thought out statistics.

I do like how the second two images became more creative then the first two, I do enjoy thinking more outside the box. The one aspect that I would not change but improve on is the ‘addict’ logo, it works within the theme of what we where trying to achieve.