Social Detachment

Social detachment in who/or what age group?

It could be related to children under the age of sixteen, readily available access to the internet and an array of electrical devices. Leading them in to a false sense of reality, friendship and attachment to something or someone who is of sum what an illusion.

What happens to their social skills? interesting article Here

Other worrying side effects caused by Technology addictions;

  • Physical Impairments: developmental delay; obesity, cardiovascular disorders and diabetes; movement deprivation, sensory over stimulation, electromagnetic radiation, sleep disruption.
  • Mental Disorders: human detachment and mental illness; psychotropic medication, restraints, and seclusion rooms, touch deprivation, pornography and risky behaviour.
  • Social Disorders: communication, aggression and declining empathy.
  • Academic Performance: attention deficit; failure to print and illiteracy, “education” technology.

Interesting ‘pdf’ I came across going in to great depth on some of the points I have raised above – The link to the above


Social detachment in old age: We could look in to this as technology effects people of all ages, obviously it differs slightly than the younger generation. I think it could be interesting to try and show ‘Technology Addiction’ across the whole range.

This was an interesting article about ‘social detachment’ in older age – Link to article

A mind map of ideas:Scan0001